2016 X.Org Board of Directors Elections - Nominees

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Mar 31 07:54:14 UTC 2016

Dear X.Org members,

Below is the list of candidates and their statements. Five nominees are
listed, in order of my inbox: Bryce Harrington, Alex Deucher, Egbert Eich,
Keith Packard and Lucas Stach.

This information is also available on the wiki.
Any updates or changes will be applied to the wiki page only.

This email starts the 2-week Q&A period as outlined in the schedule. The
election starts on April 13, 00:00 UTC.

Please send any questions you have for the candidates to members at x.org.

  Peter, on behalf of the X.Org BoD

==== Bryce Harrington ====
Current Affiliation: Samsung Research America

Statement of Contribution:
Wayland/Weston, Cairo (release management, maintenance, etc.)

Personal Statement:
I've been tangentially involved in X.org for years, but most recently am
serving as release coordinator and one of the maintainers for Wayland.
In my spare time I helped found and manage the Inkscape project and am
currently chair of the Inkscape Board, where we recently completed
ratification of new bylaws with Software Freedom Conservancy, similar to
the effort currently under way by X.org with SPI.  Financial
self-sufficiency of open source projects is a topic I'm particularly
interested in pursuing, including fundraising and funded development
work.  I think I might bring some useful perspective and ideas to the
X.org board.

==== Alex Deucher ====
Current Affiliation: AMD

The X Window System has interested me since I first saw screen shots
of X window managers back in 1997.  I got actively involved in X
around 2000 and my interest and participation has grown from there.  I
now work for AMD supporting open source software on AMD graphics
hardware.  Prior to starting at AMD, I worked in telecom engineering
and intellectual property risk management.  My current focus has been
on 2D and 3D driver support and documentation for AMD hardware.  I
have previously contributed to a number of other X drivers including
drivers for hardware from S3 and Siliconmotion and mentored several
Google and Xorg summer of code projects.

I joined the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors in 2009.  During my
time on the board, I spearheaded the 501(c)3 non-profit application
and was the election chair for the 2010 Board election.  I would like
to continue my work on the board:  encourage more projects like the
Xorg Endless Vacation of Code and perhaps even organize an Xorg
Developers Conference.

==== Egbert Eich ====
Current Affiliation: SuSE

Over 10 years ago I helped bootstrap X.Org as a Foundation as a member
of the the interim Board. I was elected to the first X.Org Board of
Directors where I served for 4 years to help with the transformation
of the organization from an industry consortium into a true free
software development community.

After I was reelected to the Board two years ago, some urgent topics
turned up dating back to my first terms on the Board: Preparing the
2015 elections I discovered the X.Org server was still the same we
had set up when the Foundation was created. I've been pushing for a
replacement, thus the Foundation was able to prepare for the failure
of the original machine - which did happen just some weeks ago. This
way the data and services had been backed up and migrated to a
temporary home on freedesktop.org.

Also there are still issues pending around the X.Org domain which
I'm presently working on to get resolved.
Should I get reelected I will make sure that X.Org is again hosted
on a stable and reliable infrastructure with fully working domain

Furthermore, should the new By-Laws get accepted, X.Org will join SPI.
I will do everything to support a smooth and quick transtition. I've
also been approached by individual members asking for a more detailed
information about the activities of the Board. I will gladly help to
ensure that.

==== Keith Packard ====
Current Affiliation: HP

The X.org board continues to perform an important role in the X
community.  Over the last couple of years, the primary activities
of the board have involved organizing technical conferences
and providing funding for developers to attend both those
conferences and other important free software conferences
around the world. I've been involved in the board since
the reformation of the X.org foundation. If elected, I will
continue to support free software developers working on the X
window system and related technologies.

==== Lucas Stach ====
When I was involved with the graphics stack as a hobbyist, the X.Org
foundation helped me getting in touch with other developers by
organizing very low entry barrier events like XDC. If elected I would
like to help the foundation continue its important work as the
centerpoint of a developer community, consisting of both hobbyists and
professionals, by furthering the effort to broaden the scope of the
foundation to all technologies surrounding the X universe today.

As spare-time projects continue to play an important role in
transitioning historically proprietary parts of the graphics stack into
free software, I would like to explore and implement ways for the
foundation to provide assistance to those projects at both an
organizational level (for example by providing easily accessible
infrastructure) and on a technical level (gaining access to industry
consortiums like Khronos, not easily accessible to individuals).

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