X.Org BoD meeting minutes 2014-07-25

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Jul 24 19:25:42 EDT 2014

These are the meeting minutes the X.Org Board of Directors [1] meeting.
Minutes and IRC logs are published on the wiki [2, 3].

The X.Org board meets every two weeks on Thu/Fri (depending on your
timezone) in the #xf-bod IRC channel on irc.oftc.net. Please refer to the
X.Org Google calendar [3] for time and date of the next meeting.

For any issues that need to come to the attention of the board please email
me or board at foundation.x.org and we will add it to the agenda for the next

[1] http://wiki.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors
[2] http://wiki.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries
[3] http://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs

== Disclaimer ==
Best efforts are made to ensure the below is accurate and valid. However,
errors sometimes happen. If any errors or omissions are found, please bring
them to my or the board's attention.

== Attendees ==
    Martin Peres,  Stuart Kreitmann, Alex Deucher, 
    Matt Dew, Peter Hutterer, Alan Coopersmith, Egbert Eich,
    Keith Packard


== Summary ==
Nothing exciting, moving one small step closer towards SPI membership

== Items discussed ==
ITEM: EVoC Shatter proposal
First payment went out to Check
STATUS: Complete

Keith is drafting a resolution to propose to SPI so that they vote on
accepting X.Org as a member project. Once SPI makes the offer to us to join,
we can put the revised by-laws to the member vote.
[Everything's the same as over the  previous months, we're just a bit closer
ACTION: Keith P to send draft to board
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: GSoC mentor stipends
GSoC provides organisations with USD 500 per mentor. This is money we could
use for travel sponsorhips to attend XDC.
ACTION: Stuart K to contact Carol at Google for sorting thisout
STATUS: Pending
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