[Members] X.Org Foundation Board Nominations Reopened

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Tue Dec 11 12:40:58 EST 2007

In message <1197391483.5667.404.camel at pont> you wrote:
> 	I just received this morning your reopening message quoted appended
> below. The SMTP headers (also appended below) show that expo.x.org
> bounced it around internally from 4 Dec 2007 to 11 Dec 2007. That means
> the announcement wasn't received by the members on the list until 2 days
> after the voting deadline:

Understood.  My apologies.

> The SMTP headers on Paul Schenker's message, sent 2 Dec
> 2007 / received 11 Dec 2007 (received at the same time as
> Barton Massey's message sent 4 Dec 2007), show it was also
> caught in the same trap.
> 	The extended period was therefore consumed by your
> mail server's week+ of delay sending the announcement. The
> extended deadline therefore is as useless as the original.


> 	Didn't you notice that no one responded to your
> extension message, even though several of us commented
> that an extension was necessary? Why didn't you email at
> least one of us to see why we would make such an empty
> demand?

Several people did respond to my extension message, since it
was also posted to the general xorg list, which was working
fine throughout the period, and to a number of individuals.
I assumed that those who did not respond were simply happy
with the outcome.  I was mistaken.

> 	I note that I have not seen any communications with the members since
> the last election. I will therefore prioritize communications with the
> members as a campaign issue in this election. I recommend everyone else
> do the same.

In particular, since you feel strongly on this issue, please
feel free to nominate yourself to the X.Org Foundation Board
election, so that you can work to help make the Board's
communication with the membership better in the most direct
possible way.

> 	Please advise when a legitimate election will take place.

We plan to spend today figuring out what to do, and make a
second revised announcement of the election schedule

As I said earlier, I am truly sorry for the communication
issues.  All the work the Board and its Election Committee
has done has been in public as much as possible, and with
the interests of the organization and its members at heart.
I truly regret the procedural and technical mistakes that
have led to this situation.  Beyond apologizing, there's not
much I and the committee can do except try to make the
situation right.  We will do that as best we can.


    Bart Massey
    Election Committee
    X.Org Foundation Board
    bart at cs.pdx.edu

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