X.Org Treasurer’s Report FY2021

Emma Anholt emma at anholt.net
Thu Apr 28 19:54:06 UTC 2022

        debit         credit          total


             0  110603.71 USD  110603.71 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted

  19033.96 USD              0  -19033.96 USD  Expenses

    288.43 USD              0    -288.43 USD    Bank-Fees

  18545.53 USD              0  -18545.53 USD    IT

     28.40 USD              0     -28.40 USD      Domains

  17182.38 USD              0  -17182.38 USD      Hosting

   1334.75 USD              0   -1334.75 USD      Services

    200.00 USD              0    -200.00 USD    Software-Development

   3867.83 USD   77357.16 USD   73489.33 USD  Income

             0       0.51 USD       0.51 USD    Currency-Exchange

   3867.83 USD   77356.65 USD   73488.82 USD    Donations


  22901.79 USD  187960.87 USD  165059.08 USD

== Treasurer’s Report for Fiscal Year 2021 ==

The bylaws of the X.Org Foundation provide a duty of the Treasurer to
produce an annual financial report, approved by the Board, within 60 days
of the end of the fiscal year.  The fiscal year is defined as ending on the
31st day of December in each year.

Obviously, this is long after that date.  Better than 2020 (sent last
December), but still not good enough.  My plan for 2022 if we don't have
our records on time again is to send an interim report in 60 days and a
full report following that once we have the full information for the year.

== Financial Records ==

X.Org now relies on the reports provided by SPI for tracking our finances,
with only the coarse tracking of issues requiring treasurer attention as

This means much less work for the treasurer, and this report is out much
sooner than it would have been otherwise.  However, it also means we’re at
the mercy of the SPI treasurer’s availability for knowing our status.  They
were a little late this year due to the same big internal rework from cash
to accruals basis that delayed our 2020 report.  They are now caught up (

It also means that our report this year is accruals basis – one of the XDC
2021 sponsorships has not actually come in yet, but is still tracked as a

== Cloud hosting ==

Our cloud hosting costs have now stabilized at around $1200/month, after a
big lift by

freedesktop.org sysadmins (Benjamin Tissoires and Daniel Stone,
particularly) early in the year to move most services from GCE to Equinix.
At this point the cost is easily sustainable, as long as we continue to
have the Equinix sponsorship.

== XDC ==

XDC 2021 was again virtual, with low operating costs.  We had a similar
level of conference sponsorship to 2020, meaning that our finances have
once again improved, leaving us in a good state for any future risks.  With
XDC moving back to in-person in 2022, we expect our XDC costs to go up in
the future, but remain within the amount that sponsorship is bringing in.
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